Networks don’t like Skype, Microsoft and Nokia working on a solution

Microsoft and Nokia are working on a solution to please the carriers/networks, its all no surprise that anything that can take away revenue is a problem for them not just VoIP, Facebook Messages, whatsapp,Google Talk etc.,.

Microsoft wants to work with the Networks/Carries to push windows phone, and the networks/carriers want to increase revenue and that means blocking  skype.

“ok there, is this Skype thing, is there a different type of partnership we can do that recognizes that voice over IP like Skype is coming no matter what, but maybe we can do something creative that generates incremental revenue for you.” (S. Elop)

Microsoft and Nokia are in talks, with Networks/Carriers to work a solution with them. One way for example bundling Skype, Lumia and Carriers/Networks

The Networks/Carriers are always coming with new ways to sell tarrifs with maximum revenue  so this should not throw to many objections in there path?

What are your thoughts?



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