Samsung Focus 2 – Specs, info and personal review

The original Samsung Focus really hit it off with the Windows Phone 7 Crowd, a gorgeous crafted phone with all the quality you would expect from Samsung  –  It was speedy, had one of the best AMOLED Screens I have ever seen and a really generous battery life which made it an all rounder, since then Samsung have released the Focus Flash and the super thin Focus S, Samsung are now following this on and releasing the Samsung Focus 2 which should hit the US on the 20th May.

From looking at the most common specs, nothing major has changed from its predecessor, you still rock a 4″ Super AMOLED display, 5mp Camera and 8GB of internal storage (Non Expandable) the focus 2 comes with a front facing VGA Camera, the CPU has been boosted to 1400 MHZ from the original 1000mhz for taking on heavy duty tasks.


The new focus is really a streamline device, taking a few inches off here and there compared to original focus, and is available in a pearl white at launch, the back of the device is kept flush with the front wit a nice smooth feel and everything is very contour.


A good upgrade from the original Samsung focus but for me nothing that makes the handset ground breaking and raising the bar for other Windows Phone 7 handsets, Samsung is looking to role out Galaxy S line of handsets to Windows Phone so this could be worth the wait, however if you are wanting to get into the Windows Phone 7 crowd this is a must have handset and will keep you on par with the likes of the Nokia Lumia Range.

Source1: Windows Phone Blog

Source2: Phone Arena 


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