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No surprise to to see the music steaming giant try launch products across all platforms, but how well does the WP7 Varrient compare to the likes of its Android and iOS Devices?

General Overview

In terms of the general layout Spotify has gone with the WP7 theme and navigating through menus is clear, swipe to the right for new release, again for currently playing and again back to the home screen.

Searching for a playlist could not be made any simpler, just hit the search box and your results are listed, Artist, album and song, again swipe left or right to the corresponding tab.

Offline playlists are included in the release and again a quick swipe at the top of the screen to sync for offline mode

The Metro Tab of the Spotify app updates with current songs that you are playing, which serves as a nice extra and keeps things inline with the WP7 theme, also when the lock screen is active you can stop, skip and play songs directly, meaning you don’t need to open the app to skip a song or pause it, one last nice addition when the earphones or any device is removed from the headphone jack Spotify will automatically stop whatever you currently are playing.


The “People” sections gives you information for friends that are using Spotify and gives you access to their playlists and vice versa.

Negative Points

There are a number of small negative points within the Spotify app, but i am not sure if that is to do with the development of the app, or WP7 current build, for example, when minimising Spotify and for say you wanted to compose a text and then re-open Spotify, you would think you simply hold the back button and go instantly into Spotify. Not the case here, 8/10 times Spotify would re-load, like you were to open the app for the first time making the whole thing feel slow, we are talking 4 seconds or so just to go back into the app.

You cant half synq offline playlists, many of times I have made a playlist and just do not have time to finish downloading it, with Android or iOS you can stop halfway and what ever you managed to download is ready but with the WP7 version you cant.

Final Verdict

The Spotify app is a must have, I find the whole echo system of Spotify to be glorious, putting music on my phone through Zune is just plane hard work,  when I can have most of my music collection with me, online or offline a simple and intuitive app to acsess these and it feel in the same WP7 style i love, its no question for me that this is the music app I need!

Yes there are some quite annoying negative points, but when you look at the alternative Zune, I think its a small price to pay, what are your thoughts?



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4 responses to “Spotify for Windows Phone 7 Review”

  1. Yaphet Talley says :

    This app is pretty bad. I was forced to use an ios device after losing my first windows phone. The development for that was done extremely well. This app doesn’t connect 7 out of 10 times without having to restart my phone. If I switch sound sources is Bluetooth to headphones or vice versa it chokes and I have to restart the app. You cannot rewind a track only go back or to the next song. Download offline is unreliable. I am looking for a Zune app for my iPad and my wife’s iPhone so I can utilize Zune on those devices. I am thoroughly disappointed. I also believe the only way this will get fixed is if Windows phone sales just explode and spotify can justify spending development dollars on the app. It sucks too cuz its such a good music service.

    • windowsphone7user says :

      I have to disagree Yaphett with some of your points, for me connectivity has never been an issue, I allways connect and have no problem downloading offline playlists to my phone. What Windows phone are you using?

      I do agree with not beeing able to rewind songs and from “GetSatisfaction” spotify have responded and this issue will be adressed.

      I do agree that Windows Phone needs to take off to get problems resolved quicker than the ios and Androuid counterparts but Microsoft I am sure will shove some $$ to get the problem sorted. Microsoft know what they must do to get Windows Phone 7 out to the masses and certain apps is a must and Spotify is one of them?

      • Yaphet says :

        I have the Lumia 900. Pretty bad may be harsh. But from using the app on IOS I just don’t have the same confidence in the app on my Windows phone. I want to say it is the network but the iphone i was using was a 3g. Please don’t let my post detract from the fact that I am Windows phone user and love the device.

  2. windowsphone7user says :

    I agree the app is not at the level of the ios and I have seen posts on the forums asking for updates for the app but i know the team have been working on the ipad app recently so they may have some time to iorn out any bugs, I think just having the app is fantastic new for windows phone 7 and its not an app that we need to to aquire to push the platform.

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