Facebook and Microsoft wanting to make a phone?



Microsoft and Facebook have been working together since early 2007, when Microsfot purchased 1.6% of Facebook, the current focus is driven to bing for search and maps.

Facebook has been rumoured for a long time to want to release a Favebook phone and the early attempt with the HTC ChaCha was not their best moment.

Rumour has it that Microsoft are interested in making Windows Phone the bast platform to be developed on and this is he reasons why Microsoft mite be the way forward according to 1800pocketpc

  • Some of the appeal is being able to drive mobile traffic to Microsoft’s online properties, particularly Bing.
  • Microsoft’s grandest desire is deep penetration in mobile that will allow it to someday offer consumers a NFC-powered payments product.
  • Microsoft wants to do something like PayPal, but in the physical world. It wants to get there before Google figures out how to fix Google Wallet.
  • Microsoft is not particularly interested in the concept of location-based advertisin

Microsoft believes that Facebook has not done a lot of work on their phone OS, which is said to be Android based.

On top of that, Microsoft knows carriers, OEMs and agencies. Facebook could profit from these connections.

Its all smoke and mirrors at the moment, but we will keep you posted.

Source: 1800PocketPc

What are your thoughts?



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