Get High With Words – Hangman inspired game

Get High With Words

Is a turn by turn based word game, with two modes, multi-player and offline with AI, in the multiplayer mode you send an invite by using a (username) to another player or pick a random online opponent to play against.  Now you are presented with 12 random alphabets and you can create a word and submit it for the other player to guess , it has to be a minimum of 4 character long and a max of 8. You can shuffle the characters around to generate new words, if you can’t think of a word you can buy new words in with a ingame credit system (Hello Gamesloft)

Letters have diffrent values and give higher scores so for example an “E” could be worth 10 points where as an “A” could be worth just 1 point. Players take it in turns to guess the words and are notified with an icon when a new word/game is available.

When playing online there was no shortage of players to play against and the whole game felt smooth and ran with no problems, a few updates in the future would be nice to allow the use of landscape or being able to publish scores to facebook etc… If your into word based puzzles check the app out in the market place.

Source: Bestwp7games

What are your thoughts? 


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