We are giving away 1000 free Windows Phone 7 Stickers!

With an order for another product I have managed to get 1000 Free Windows Phone 7 Stickers similar to the ones above, first come first serve and you can have upto 10!

How do I get free wonderfull stickers?

1. Follow on twitter 

2. Like us on Facebook 

3. Leave a comment below with your Name, how many you would like and twitter username!

Share the Windows Phone Love, perfect for your car, window, desk, laptop or even stick on your dog!


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About windowsphone7user

Just an avid fan of Windows Phone 7 and want to promote WP7 as much as I can, I offer news and tips and reviews :) email: karlmhagan@gmail.com

11 responses to “We are giving away 1000 free Windows Phone 7 Stickers!”

  1. drupad_t says :

    I only want 2 of these for my personal Windows Phones. I’ve tweeted about you guys already, don’t use facebook unfortunately 😦

  2. drupad_t says :

    I’ve tweeted about you guys, but I don’t have Facebook account as I don’t use it. Do I still qualify? I only need 2 but want more if you can so that I can spread the word! Please do let me know if you would send me something 🙂

  3. Mike Irvin says :

    Just followed, liked, and now commented! I would love 10 of these awesome stickers please! I’ve wanted something like this for a long time 🙂 thank you!

  4. jason gray says :

    I Need some of those! Please? I have to combat the millions of apple zombies that surround my car like a scene from omega man. I am @jaygray73. Thanks!!

  5. nrq007 says :

    I love windows phone…. enjoying my Nokia Lumia 900 and making jealous so many apple fans with this attractive cyan color 🙂 Needs sticker to sho appreciation

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