Windows Phone Apollo Information reviled at Developer Conference






An independent Developer conference with no association to Microsoft  is set for October 22 – 24 in Burlingame, CA but more to the point it seems that Paras Wadehra, Principal Software Engineer at Good Technology and ex-Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft has listed some development information about Windows Phone Apollo, AKA Windows Phone 8, here is some information that was posted:

“This session will guide you on how to develop for Windows Phone Apollo, the new version of Windows Phone due out by the end of this year. You will learn the new resolutions needed to support and target Windows Phone Apollo, the new hardware you will program against, the changes coming to the Windows Phone Marketplace, and much more. There will be some code shown, which will help you migrate your Windows Phone Mango apps to target Windows Phone Apollo. The session will also help you understand the marketing aspects of apps targeting Windows Phone Apollo in order to help you get your apps approved the first time. You will also learn about the new emulator as well as new reporting features available in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

At the end of the session, you will be ready to write and upload apps to the new Windows Phone Marketplace. Please note: Knowledge of the Windows Phone Developer ecosystem is required. In order to appreciate the difference between Mango and Apollo, it is also preferable that you have developed at least one app currently in the Marketplace.”

Since the session is in October and Apollo is mentioned as “due out by the end of this year” it sounds like we’re still looking at a November or December release for the new OS.

What are your thoughts on this? 

Source: WP Central 


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