Nokia Lumia 710 Gets Tango Refresh!

The Nokia Lumia 710 gets the highly awaited Windows 7.5 Tango, with brings some much awaited features to the Window Phone OS the most noticeable is the 256mb ram support for upcoming lower market phones, trying to break the lower end consumer model and the first phone to run this is the Nokia Lumia 610  but the RAM fix is not the only thing to get excited about as it brings many other features, over a WP Central they managed to pull a Mexican ROM (OS 8773 with firmware 12120) and install Tango on the 710


  • all forwarding – forward your calls to a designated number for (1) all calls (2) when I don’t answer (3) when I am busy (4) when my phone is turned off
  • Call waiting – enable/disable
  • SMS delivery confirmation* – on/off
  • MMS delivery confirmation* – on/off
  • SMS Character set – Reduced (no accents, standard SMS) or Full
  • Send MMS acknowledgement* – on/off
  • Internet Sharing (aka WiFi tethering)
  • Enhanced MMS – Send voice notes, multiple images, video
  • Nokia branded Marketplace icon

Q: Is the phone any faster with the new build?

A: Not from what the report I read found, I am sure that have been huge optimizations, but nothing that crys it out, but WP7 was fast from the start!

Q: When is the release date for it?

A: Tango refresh is out now, just the version above is a Mexican ROM and possibly may not support you network/carrier on all settings

Q: How do I install it, I want it now!

A: I am working on a totourial on how to install this to your phone and subsribe to my blog or tiwtter or even facebook for when it when it arrives, will also host the file encase Nokia/Windows remove it.

Any comments post below

Source: WP Central 


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