Windows Phone 7 user gets beta Rum Run, full review!

We recently got news of this game a few days ago, we signed upto the beta program and was one of the Lucky 100 to get to beta this awesome game!

The Game

If you watched the trailer to the game the concept is very simple, your are looking after an island of people for free. You need to provide them with bread to survive and you do this free of charge, you are also some sort of Ship trader, selling rum and bread to other islands in demand for a profit. The bread and rum from the wholesale market for a bigger margin for example, the bread is £1 and sell it for £3 to other islands in demand (who seem well off, stone houses instead of huts) Your island inhibitors are eating the bread you provide, and the health bar for them decreases over time. You need to keep them topped up with bread and rum, if you let the islands food supply run out you loose the game!

Notifications pop up for the traders and the buyers when they are ready to buy and trade, this is how the game is tied up, you need to keep your island going while making a profit to buy more rum and bread to meet the demands of the buyers and your island, you do get the option to buy bulk by the size of the create 1,2 and 3 at a time.

You send your ship to various islands by drawing the path through the sea, the game throws obsticles such as  storm clouds which destroy you ship if you draw a line through its path, you can stop the ship by drawing a line through the ships patern, you simply just move your finger on your screen to view the whole of the island  and pinch to zoom.

Upgrades can be purchased, Such as extra ships, being able to hold 4 creates instead of 3 maximum etc…

This gives the game fantastic game play I found myself on this for 1 hour before coming to create the review, its very addictive!


The game played fantastically well for a beta, I had no problems with my Nokia Lumia 710 and I could not believe the game was an actual beta, moving my finger around the screen was effortless and felt responsive and I never had to do things twice.

The menu system for navigating your way around the game and selecting maps on options is straight forward, I also love the fact when you tilt your screen during the options menu the cargo moves with the phones accelerometer!

The menu also gives you an xbox live like achievements list, which adds competitive game play amongst yor fellow friends and also challenges in the game.

What I would like to see in the game

  • Post your scores to Facebook/Twitter
  • Ability to add weapons to your ship and enemy ships
  • Play online?
  • Damage to your ship, slowly sinks if hit by a cannonball or rock and requires repairing?
  • Crew mates, send small rafts out to the island to replace and gain new crew!


One of the best games I have played on Windows Phone 7 and could be the Angry Birds of the Windows word if the developers keep up the fantastic work shown so far, and listen to the beta testers feedback and implement them into the game. I really enjoyed the game and I can’t keep my hands of it, its one of the few games on my phone which I have not played then unistalled within 10 minutes of playing the game

While in beta 8/10 and i can’t wait to see the final version and will be giving another review then!

What are your thoughts, comment below


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