Nokia Lumia 610 hits the UK for around £150


The Nokia Lumia 610 will be hitting or shores soon and its going to be around the £150 price mark according to clove UK, the handset for the “cheapest” windows phone really does not look cheap at all, looks a rather premium handset. The phone will ship with the long awaited Tango Refresh along with:

  • 256mb Ram
  • 5mp camera
  • 800mhz CPU

This should really give the Android £100 – £150 range a run for the money and really push Window Phone 7 into the consumer market.

This phone really could mark the begining of a more lower consumer market to adopte Microsofts OS but as much as the phone can sell itself, it needs the marketing backing!

What are your thoughts?

Source: WP Centeral


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2 responses to “Nokia Lumia 610 hits the UK for around £150”

  1. mikejdoyle says :

    Given that Carphone Warehouse are currently offering the Lumia 710 for £130 unlocked simfree (you have to buy a £10 PAYG SIM, but you can use the phone out of the box with any provider you want), I think the 610 would look overpriced at anything above £120.

    • windowsphone7user says :

      Could not agree with you more, I picked the Lumia 710 at CarphoneWarehouse for £130 + £10 top up and it’s the same hardware as the 800 minus the display and actual form factor. I spoke with staff there and they had allot of stock so slashed the price as Nokia UK wants to push the phone, the 610 will have some good media backing and the price is fair for the 610, the 710 was the bargain of the year for myself.
      I am getting the lumia 900 this month so will keep you posted!

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