BBC gets onboard with Windows Phone with the Top Gear app!

I’ve been following in the news allot the growning numbers of developers who are wanting/thinking/in development of apps. One giant to have in your app is anything from the BBC.

I posted a few weeks ago the news of the BBC not wanting to develop an iPlayer app as the formats that WP7 uses is not what they use to stream media, well this Top Gear app could change the future in terms of other big developers coming to the platform.

on to the app

If you are a petrol head, arround the world you will know of Top Gear and the fantastic series. The app covers all the basics you would expect, videos, news, behind the scenes. The all follows the famous metro style which seems the “norm” in development. An all round fantastic experiance and worth a download. The importance of this app to me is the BBC have developed for the platform and should stear some other big things our way.

First publication on the WordPress app!


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