Xbox Live – Stream games to your Windows Phone!

Its E3 this week and there are a number of romours floating about. One that I hope is true is the ” Xbox Live Companion” not to be crossed with “xbox companion” (Confusing still!)

Not sure what this could be, I hope its a full port of a game, or the screen could be used for mini games or even still a map for COD or lots of other handy features, could be mounted ontop of the xbox pad?

The basic concept is using an app to control or see content streamed via  the xbox, so the possibilities of what games could use what are endless.

Kotaku is also claiming that the technology is called Smart Glass ( internal name ) and this is how it might work

owners of iOS, Android or Windows phones (or tablets) download the Xbox Live Companion application to their devices. Then, developers of console games will have the option of coding in features that would allow those games to send content to the app while the game was running, transforming it into a personalised “companion” of the title being played.

An example we heard from this source was Halo 4: start playing the game on Xbox 360 and, if you’ve got XBLC on your phone or tablet, it will become a Halo 4 companion application. Turn the game off and switch to something else that the app supports and it suddenly becomes your companion for that game.

We’ve heard from our source that all Xbox Live users will be able to access these basic features. Gold subscribers, meanwhile, will get access to more advanced content. Examples of more exclusive features include in-game inventory management or access to stuff like hacking minigames, along with content streamed directly from the game to your phone/tablet, like additional video playback or a racing game’s rearview mirror (though apparently the latter two are examples of features that may not make the app’s launch).

I personally hope this is not available for iOS or even android and to keep it for Windows Phone, but that is highly unlikey but we can still hope.

Source: Pocket1800


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