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Xbox Live – Stream games to your Windows Phone!

Its E3 this week and there are a number of romours floating about. One that I hope is true is the ” Xbox Live Companion” not to be crossed with “xbox companion” (Confusing still!)

Not sure what this could be, I hope its a full port of a game, or the screen could be used for mini games or even still a map for COD or lots of other handy features, could be mounted ontop of the xbox pad?

The basic concept is using an app to control or see content streamed via  the xbox, so the possibilities of what games could use what are endless.

Kotaku is also claiming that the technology is called Smart Glass ( internal name ) and this is how it might work

owners of iOS, Android or Windows phones (or tablets) download the Xbox Live Companion application to their devices. Then, developers of console games will have the option of coding in features that would allow those games to send content to the app while the game was running, transforming it into a personalised “companion” of the title being played.

An example we heard from this source was Halo 4: start playing the game on Xbox 360 and, if you’ve got XBLC on your phone or tablet, it will become a Halo 4 companion application. Turn the game off and switch to something else that the app supports and it suddenly becomes your companion for that game.

We’ve heard from our source that all Xbox Live users will be able to access these basic features. Gold subscribers, meanwhile, will get access to more advanced content. Examples of more exclusive features include in-game inventory management or access to stuff like hacking minigames, along with content streamed directly from the game to your phone/tablet, like additional video playback or a racing game’s rearview mirror (though apparently the latter two are examples of features that may not make the app’s launch).

I personally hope this is not available for iOS or even android and to keep it for Windows Phone, but that is highly unlikey but we can still hope.

Source: Pocket1800


Sony Ericsson onboard with Windows Phone (Prototype)

Sony Ericsson seem to be playing with the idea of a Windows Phone device(s) codename “Julie”  as seen in the video above.  Sony have come out and stated that they have no plans for a Windows Phone based device, which is a shame but I hope its just a cover up. The actual device in the video looks fantastic, I am a huge fan of the old-school Erricson cyber shot look, seems the phone follows this style.

We know Apollo is out this year so I hope Sony get onbaord with Windows Phone and push some handsets out soon.

Source: WPCenteral  

Carphone warehouse backs Windows Phone


Today while browsing around the carphone warehouse website at the Nokia 610 page when I cam across a section regarding the “Myths of Windows Phone 7.5”

Some of the most talked about things when consumers look at phones are answered by Carphone Warehouse or Microsoft but still its great to see more information and consumers asking questions towards Windows Phone.

The Nokia 610 has appeared on Contract from £15 so grab yourself a bargain people!
 Windows Phone 7 app


I myself use the National Rail service allot in the UK, one thing that allways has been missing is a dedicated mobile phone app for buying, viewing and departute informatiom of tickets.

Now the National Rail do have a mobile site available and works well, but just does not give that Window Phone 7 Experience that we all know and love. is a reseller of train tickets in the UK, you can save up to 40% if you use the service and buy tickets in advance. My train journeys are used for when i need to get somewhere in a rush so the savings i don’t greatly benifit from.

The app works flawlessly and has more features than the Android Version.

  • Access train times information from the official national rail timetable (updated throughout the day).
  • See recent and save favourite journeys making it easy to re-use common journeys and stations.
  • See nearby stations in a list or on a map using your phone’s location services.
  • View station information including ticket collection kiosk locations.
  • View your ‘next train home’. The app finds the nearest station to your current location and lists departure times of the next trains to your home station.
  • Buy right up until 10 minutes before boarding the train and collect from over 1000 stations.
  • Create an account and book the same range of train tickets as on website.
  • Save your preferred payment card making it simple to buy train tickets without having to hunt out your card details.
  • View ticket collection reference for tickets you’ve bought – regardless of whether you have a signal.
Source: WP Central 

Photosyth comes to Windows Phone….last


Microsoft this week finally got round to publishing Photosyth for Windows Phone last off all, not sure how iOS got it before us or at all. But better late than never and it hit the app store earlier in all its Glory.

Following the Metro UI the app does  all the normall goodness from the iOS version. For anyone who has no idea about Photosynth its basically 360 Degree panaroma’s enabling you to give someone the affect of seeing everything you can’t see in a standard picture.

WP Central found some new updates about the app as of today:

Update: We should note that Windows Phones without a compass or gyroscope(e.g. the HTC Radar) can still use the app but it won’t work as fluidly. You’ll receive a message informing you as much but you can still download and use the app.

Update 2: Photosynth won’t run on Tango hardware like the Lumia 610 as it needs at least 512MB of RAM for processing.

Source: WP Central 

Nokia Lumia 610 hits the UK and to Vodafone


Its been romored for a while now in the UK but Vodafone UK is getting the Nokia Lumia 610 for arround for £15 and is pushing this for business users (Back in the day I worked for a mobile operator who sold business phones running Windows Mobile 7.5 and had nothing but endless problems and complaints) it seems Vodafone is pushing the new Windows Phone 7 devices as the driving force behind your business and to stop business users wanting nothing but “iphones” as its the “in” thing according to them.

porting a 3.7″ display, 256MB RAM, 5MP camera, 8GB storage and is powered by a 800Mhz chip. The phone will ship with the new repartition of Tango Refresh which will be the new standard for upcoming Windows Phone 7 devices.

T-Mobile, O2 and Orange are the other networks to have the device confirmed.



BBC iplayer coming to WP7

Well since my last post it seems that a Microsoft have s deal with the BBC for the ever popular BBC iplayer which is on all formats but WP7

Some sources indercate that its Nokia to get some sort of deal for the Lunia handsets but i don’t beleive that as Microsoft have relationships with the BBC as they have produced the iplayer app for the xbox.

Sky the bskyb team are planning to bring the sky app to Windows phone platfrom soon, I cant see any sources indercating that we will be getting 4od,5 Catchup and ITV Player.

Source: WP Centeral