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Real Word, Lumia 710 Pictures

Since I have the Nokia Lumia 710 I have never really used the camera that much, I am an avid photographer (well I was) I am still am just don’t have my DSLR Anymore, but I went to this years Thundersprint, for you non UK viewers and non biker people, the Thundersprint is Europe’s largest steet motorcycle festival. Being an big biker myself I headed down there to check it out, having my Lumia on me I wanted to take some pictures.

Was very impressed with the camera and thought I would share a few snaps with the views of my blog to give some real world performance of the Camera!

All the pictures are no edited or enhanced, what do you think?


Nokia Lumia 710 Review!

I have had three Windows Phone now, this being the most recent. I had a choice and it came down the the 710 or the 800 and two main reasons swung me to taking the 710 over the 800

1) Price

2) Nokia Lumia 900

Before I delve into the review you can pick the Lumuia 710 in the Carphone Warehouse for £130 + £10 top up which is an absolute steal considering the hardware is the same specification as the Lumia 800! and the 900 is now out so that will be my next phone.


The Lumia when I first picked it up really felt quite smooth in my hand, and the corners being rounded really helped me to use the phone easily in one hand, at the bottom of the phone is a raised button which has the Windows, Back and Search button which are transparent. On the side on the device there is a Volume Rocker and quick access camera button on the top is a Micro USB for Synq and charging of the device along with a 3.5mm headphone jack, at the bottom right of the phone there is a strap grove for hanging the phone on a lanyard or other device. The phone shell (not the case) is a smooth black glossy feel which when then phone is on the Nokia True Black display fades into the case.

The main selling point of the 710 apart from the fantastic price and hardware specs the device is customisable and makes a really nice change in a word of phones which are solid bodys, iphone,Lumia 800, HTC One X etc… I miss beeing able to change the back of my phone and also if I damage it or scratch it that is always a bonus for me.

The back of the device is made from an sort of plastic and I can’t seem to locate what its called, scratch resistant and feels solid, the cover also provides the camera and volume rocker buttons.

Box and contents

The lumia 710 comes in a really compact box which follows the Windows Phone 7 Syle and that of the lumia adds.

Contents as follows:

  • Micro USB Charger
  • Battery
  • Guide
  • Headphones (Good Quality)
  • 1 Back cover
  • Micro USB Cable
Headphones – Not really a fan of the headphones supplied with phones, but I have to admit the ones Nokia bundle in are quite very premium feel.
Part 2 soon!